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Elevate your beach experience!

Discover a world of eco-conscious beach essentials that seamlessly blend innovation, sustainability, and style. Our unique accessories are crafted from natural materials ensuring a gentle touch on both your skin and the planet.

Beach days just got a whole lot easier!

Esthetically pleasing yet very practical accessories to level up your beach game. Experience our revolutionary sand-free beach broom, the first of its kind to effortlessly sweep away sand without leaving a trace.

How it works

Our beach broom does wonders on dry to semi-dry sand. Thanks to its soft bristles, clean up the sand from many surfaces that includes towels, feet, cars, tents, strollers, or any beach gear you might take on a day trip to the shore!

5 reasons to choose our beach accessories

Upgrade your beach days for maximum comfort and minimum hassle. Explore our collection of sustainable beach essentials that combine cutting-edge design, eco-friendly materials, and on-trend styles.


Beach accessories

Let's be honest, even the biggest beach bums have a complicated relationship with sand. It seems no matter how hard we try, those tiny grains always find a way in. Especially with kids involved! But fear not, fellow sand-in-sandwich sufferers, we came with a solution!

Balais de plage - My Summer fan


Beach essentials

For parents, but not only, who want to have a clean spot at the beach in all circumstances, here is finally an eco-friendly solution. With just one move, our beach broom sweeps the sand away in seconds! Versatile, it is effective on numerous and various surfaces including beach toys, beach tents, strollers, feet, car with no damage thanks to its soft bristles.


Beach items

All our beach accessories have been thought and designed to bring you a maximum of comfort. In summer time with the hit, no one wants to lift up bags filled with heavy stuff... Therefore, we consciously develop products that are light-weight, easy to carry and travel with. Our beach broom is only 150 gr and our famous beach towel is 3 times lighter than the average ones. They are also ergonomic, thus easy to use and pack.


Summer accessories

Elevate your beach experience with a touch of coastal chic. Our collection of beach accessories isn't just functional, it's designed to complement your summer style. Imagine spreading out on a luxuriously soft pastel-toned towel or staying sand-free with our elegant and sophisticated beach broom.

Beach brooms to clean up the sand


Summer essentials

We at My Summer fan commit to give you the best quality possible. Our products are meticulously crafted using durable natural materials sourced from sustainable origins. Each piece is handmade by skilled artisans who perpetuate time-honored craftsmanship.

My Summer fan - beach towels light-weight and resistant


Summer items

By choosing My Summer fan products, you're making an eco-conscious decision. Our natural materials and packaging are 100% recyclable, and our production methods minimize our environmental footprint. Additionally, for every sale made, €1 is donated to plant a tree.

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