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Corsica Edition

Corsica Island offers some of the most breathtaking beaches in the Mediterranean. Here's a curated list of top beaches along with recommended activities as snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, and kiteboarding. Explore underwater caves and vibrant marine life along the coastline and indulge in Corsican cuisine at local restaurants, markets, and food festivals.

Best Beaches

  • Palombaggia & Tamaricciu Beach


Located in Porto Vecchio, it is probably one of the most popular beaches of the island. Nestled between pine forests and rocky outcrops, with crystal-clear turquoise waters and fine white sand. It reminds of the landscapes of islands located in the Indian Ocean with giant polished rocks sitting in the water. There you can envoy different type of activities as snorkeling, paddling…

You can have a lunch at Le Tiki Beach or La Plage de Tamaricciu for beachside dining and Mediterranean cuisine. Great for seafood and cocktails with a view!

  • Saleccia & Lotu Beaches


Saleccia and Lotu are remote and pristine beaches accessible by boat from St Florent or hiking if you like long walks. Located at the North of the Island, between Bastia and L’Île Rousse. If you are travelling with young kids, we would definitely recommend to take the boat as the trip down there is quite long and hazardous.

There you can enjoy swim sessions in warm waters, build sand castles with your kids, and do some snorkeling. Picnicking on the sandy shores is a must as you won’t find any restaurants nor coffee shops down there.

  • Rondinara Beach


 Sheltered in a crescent-shaped bay with calm, azure waters Rondinara beach is located in Bonifacio and is quite an authentic one. There you can rent sunbeds with umbrellas and enjoy kayak and pedalos activities.

On the beach you will find the only restaurant called Chez Ange, there they serve a variety of Mediterranean dishes.

  • Santa Giulia Beach


Santa Giulia beach is a stunning horseshoe-shaped bay with shallow, turquoise waters at 15 min drive from Porto Vecchio. There you can enjoy water skiing, or tubing, practice snorkeling or scuba-diving to explore the underwater fauna.

For lunch, you’ll find plenty of restaurants to choose from offering Mediterranean food with fresh fish and other seafood specialties.

  • Pinarello Beach

A scenic beach with a backdrop of pine trees and mountains with azure and calm waters. In terms of activities, you’ll have choice between stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking or beachcombing. You can enjoy a nice meal at Le Rouf for fresh seafood and Corsican delicacies!


Sites to Visit & Activities

Visit historic sites, ancient villages, and architectural landmarks scattered across the island. Explore Genoese watchtowers, citadels, and Roman ruins that tell the story of Corsica's rich history.

  • Calanques de Piana


Embark on scenic hikes along Corsica's rugged coastline or through its mountainous interior. Trails like the GR20 offer challenging routes for experienced hikers, while easier paths are available for leisurely strolls. The Calanques de Piana offers one of the most unprecedented view over the Mediterranean sea. The village of Piana also worth the visit! 

  • Lavezzi Islands


From Bonifacio take a boat tour to the Lavezzi islands and discover hidden coves, secluded beaches, and picturesque coastal landscapes around. Choose from sailing excursions, catamaran cruises, or speedboat trips. 

  • Cultural sightseeing

 Visit historic sites in the cities of Ajaccio capital of the island and birthplace of famous Napoléon Bonaparte. Ancient villages of Porto Vecchio, Bonifacio or Calvi will offer astonishing architectural landmarks to visit that tell the story of Corsica's rich history.


For families, you can immerse in the wild life and visit Corsica’s animal parks, zoos, nature reserves and local farms to see native species like mouflons, birds of prey, and tortoises up close. Educational programs and feeding sessions are available for children.


Photo Credit: @paradisu

Restaurants and Bars

 Indulge in Corsican cuisine at local restaurants, markets, and food festivals.

Porto Vecchio

  • U Paviddonu $$ is a nice option for lunch time as it offers an unprecedented view on the sea. French and Italian food including grilled vegetables, fresh salads and choices of meat or fish of the day.
  • L’Emporium $$$$ This Michelin star restaurant offers excellent fresh fish and a unique Mediterranean culinary experience in a family friendly atmosphere


  • Bikers Caffè Trinité $$ is also a must visit place for hamburgers and meat lovers
  • U Funtanonu $$ is a really cute restaurant located in an old typical local cottage. The atmosphere is relaxed. The food is homemade with local and fresh ingredients, tasty authentic and rustic. The meals are presented in cute vintage plates.


  • La Bergerie d’Acciola $$ is 45 min drive north from Bonifacio, located in the country side with an amazing mountain view. Ideal for lunch, meat lovers or vegetarians will be pleased with colorful and tasty Mediterranean cuisine with fresh and local produce.


  • Aria Nova $$$ A traditional yet gourmet restaurant that offers lots of fish options including octopus, gambas and scallops. The staff is really friendly and the meals well presented. Icing on the cake, the view on the sea makes it a romantic spot for dinners.
  • L’August $$$ is a well-known address in Bonifacio, located at the heart of an olive tree plantation, you’re immersed in the Mediterranean culture and flavors. The staff is warm and attentive to details.


  • Gilda $$ fresh food, fish and vegetables from the day, they offer flavorful generous Italian and French cuisine. In the heart of Ajaccio, that makes it a good spot for either lunch or dinner.
  • 20 min drive south of Ajaccio, Casa Cosi $$ is a nice and cozy Italian restaurant. There you’ll find the best pizzas of the island and the most welcoming staff! An ideal spot for lunch or dinner.
  • L’Ecrin is a Michelin star restaurant $$$$. For those is search of exquisite and quintessential culinary experience, this is the place for you. Just make sure to make your reservation ahead of time.


  • Easy Beach Calvi $$ is a perfect place to enjoy a family friendly lunch along the shore. They offer a good variety of options with fresh produces including fish, vegetarian meals, and meats.

  • Aux Petits Oignons $$$ is a gourmet restaurant where you’ll be greeted upon arrival by the chef himself. Savor amazing dishes with a beautiful mountain view
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